Erasmus és lehetőségek

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Erasmus és lehetőségek

Külföldi kodolányis hallgatók, kredit mobilitás, Székesfehérvár

Oroszországból, Ukrajnából és Kazahsztánból érkeztek azok a diákok, akik az idei tanév tavaszi szemeszterében az Európai Unió új Erasmus plus Kredit mobilitási ösztöndíja keretén belül tanulnak a Kodolányi János Főiskolán. Székesfehérváron tizenhat, nem Európai Uniós országból származó külföldi hallgató tanul, akik a kodolányis Erasmusos diákokhoz csatlakozva négy hónapon keresztül itt folytatják tanulmányaikat.
Babazova Fatima, Komekova Altinay és Daria Taganova angol nyelven írták első benyomásaikat Magyarországról és Székesfehérvárról.

Daria Taganova - Moscow State Lingistic University, Oroszország

My first impressions and experience as an Erasmus student at KJU.

Before our wonderful director of international relations Ms Éva Horváti informed us about the opportunity to write an article about our impressions which had come over us since our arrival I’ve already decided to test out my narrative abilities and now I can proudly say that I am ready to present all my thoughts in this article. Hope, you won’t regret the time spent.

Well, I don’t wanna go into details telling about my late arrival for the whole week, about complex movement with a very heavy 24-pound suitcase from the Ferihegy airport to the underground, then to the main bus station in Budapest and then to Székesfehérvár because this story will take several hours. But what struck me most was a peaceful atmosphere of the city and calm people. It is not surprising because they live away from the hustle and bustle. I noticed clean streets and squares, the shining sun and green grass in February also amused me (in Russia at this time everything is covered with snow). When I finally reached the campus I was in seventh heaven. It so happened that I arrived in Hungary alone and I couldn’t imagine my future months here. I stopped for a moment and one thought crossed my mind: «Sink or swim. There is no turning back. A return ticket purchased on the 14th of May».

The first person I met in dormitory was Aitbek, we started talking in English but after he found out that I’m from Russia we switched to Russian, to tell the truth, it was a funny moment. Thanks him for telling me the password for Wi-Fi so I could inform my relatives that I arrived safe and sound and show them how much I care about their feelings (in reality I didn’t care at all :D) But it’s beside the point. I settled in my bright room with big windows and decided to familiarize myself with the territory around. There was a pleasant surprise to know about a wonderful park and the swimming pool with the discount for students located near the campus as the sport occupies an important place in my life.

I tried to make up for lost time so that evening I spent getting acquainted with other students. Primarily, I dropped into my neighbors’ room and we had a long chat with them about everything.  Actually I’m a real chatterbox but I take it as an advantage. Dana and Diana told me what I had missed, what I should do next, also I knew some information about everyone here, about countries they are from etc.  I couldn't wait for the moment when I was able to speak with students from Turkey because I wanted to examine my knowledge of the Turkish language. Of course, I had such an experience before as I have got Turkish friends in Russia and even in Turkey but I wanted to know the opinions of complete strangers about my pronunciation. To my mind, it leaves much to be desired. Jumping ahead a little, tell you a secret, my opinion was wrong.

The day came to an end, a mysterious Székesfehérvár plunged into darkness in a few minutes. Along with this I was attacked by sadness and nostalgia understanding that I would not see beloved friends and family for 4 months. Moreover, my situation was worsened by the fact that I live alone. It’s easier to overcome difficulties together with someone. To be honest, I thought for a moment about a return home but pulled myself together and got bad thoughts out of my head. Later I telephoned my boyfriend and he quickly brought me to life. Only then I realized how difficult it would be to live away from him for a long time.

In the morning my bad mood disappeared - it turned into positive and I was ready to explore a totally unfamiliar place, environment, atmosphere, culture. With girls we decided to visit Bory Vár as we were amazed at the history of this building and wanted to take a look at it in reality. Jenő Bory built fantastic, castle-like structure out of concrete with his own hands for 41 years.  Every day we researched the downtown and nearby streets, shopping centers, supermarkets and entertainment facilities (it turned out we can count them on fingersJ).
I liked St. Stephen Cathedral, St. Anna Chapel, Ruin Garden, Episcopal Palace and Flower clock. Unfortunately, I had no opportunity to participate in selfie competition because of my late arrival but I made up for my absence walking every day with a camera in my hand. Here is the result of my small city research.

In a few days here I came to the conclusion that in life nothing is in vain. It was difficult to make a decision about the trip but I’m here and I like it here. It’s a golden opportunity to broaden my mind.

I don’t like playing the fool and messing around so that in the evenings I try to go out. I fell in love with Székesfehérvár at night: the sky becomes magic, the city shines with lights, nothing can break the peace.


As for the guys, I pleased to meet new people and little by little I got in with all students from different countries. Our curators organized a ‘Welcome’ meeting where we tasted a traditional Hungarian cake «Dobos torta» which was delicious, after that Éva announced the results of the «Selfie sight seeing game», we took a group selfie and then we had a chance to leave our coloured hands print on the International student’s wall. When I took photos with cute Turkish girls I said: «çok çоооok güzel», they were surprised and started laughing so did I. In English it means «very cool» :)

I really like these people for their kindness, cheerfulness, enthusiasm and sociability. We all love sports and have already visited the swimming pool, having fun together.

Another funny thing is «kitchen meetings». If you want to find someone, come to the kitchen, there is always some kind of party.

Nobody can imagine Erasmus program without traveling.  Until we get the opportunity to cross the border of Hungary, we travel around the country. Many have managed to go to Budapest and feel the difference between Székesfehérvár and the capital. I’m not an exception. I was lucky to meet a local in the app «Couchsurfing» and he offered to go to Budapest together by car. He turned to be a wonderful guide, photographer, advisor and a person with a sense of humor. We were able to see the neo-Gothic Parliament, Matthias Church, the Fisherman's Bastion, The Széchenyi Chain Bridge, Árpád Bridge, Liberty Bridge, some markets and one museum. Sándor made fun of me all day long and named me «a selfie queen». To some extent I agree with him.

I dare say that this program will be a good experience for me because I’ve never done such things before.

Now I have a good mind to study and to travel, opening new horizons. Unfortunately, I don’t have any Grant or financial support from my university but it won’t stop me. What awaits me in the future? Time will tell.


Babazova Fatima – Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakhasztán

I am happy to be a student of Kodolányi János University twice, but this time as a Master degree student. I'm really glad that Kodolányi János University of Applied Sciences and al-Farabi Kazakh National University, particularly our Department of Recreational Geography and Tourism, have a very good relationship and I am thankful to the “Erasmus+” program which gave me opportunity to study here. 

My first impressions on that country, city, people and university full of warm memories because of the interesting student life and I can surely say that I have got lots of not only theoretical but also practical knowledge. I will always keep in my heart my wonderful time here.

And again, in spring semester, Kodolányi János University brought together students from different countries in a small, quiet and cozy town under a long and difficult pronounceable name - Székesfehérvár.

When I came back to Székesfehérvár, I felt myself like at home. Kodolányi János University, as usual, met its new students with all Hungarian hospitality. Meetings were organized properly.

I enjoyed the tour on an old rarity bus – Ikarus, and by the tour I discovered new places of Székesfehérvár. After the tour, we were asked to take part in a selfie-competition. It was a really great idea to organize such kind of exploring of tourist objects of Székesfehérvár. We were divided into small international teams, and it also helped us to get to know each other well.

The international office organized for us an official welcome-party where they announced two teams as winners and gave sweet gifts for all participants. We tried the very delicious traditional Hungarian cake – “dobostorta”. After this, students left their palm prints on the International Student Wall, and I left my palm print the second time.

This semester, students came from Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Vietnam and Germany. It will be a memorable spring semester for all students. I am sure that every student will get new knowledge and invaluable experience, friends from different countries, and vivid impression!


Komekova Altinay - Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakhasztán  

First impression and experience as an Erasmus student at KJU.

As I strongly believe every single person has his own dreams connected with his personal life, and of course connected with studies. Dreams are like pushes which lead you to your goals, knowing this we should use the power of our dreams in order to succeed our aims and never give up. As for me, I have dreamed of a being Erasmus student and I am sure that many students from different countries have the same feeling. Erasmus is best known as European Community student exchange program. Many students are motivated to integrate this program because they were told by their faculties that listing an Erasmus academic period in their Curriculum Vitae provides a competitive advantage in the labor market.

First of all I should thank my mother for her contribution to my life as a best advisor and Kazakh National University for giving such kind of opportunity. To tell the truth, I chose the KJU in Szekesfehervar as my Erasmus destination because I heard only positive recommendations from my friends who were in Hungary as Erasmus students a few years ago. And secondly, I found that the study program for Erasmus students at KJU and actually the whole range of courses is really on a very high level. When my Tourism Faculty in Almaty city announced to me that I would spend my Erasmus in Hungary in Szekesfehervar I would have never imagined that it would be one of the greatest periods of my life. I am really grateful for the opportunity to spend perfectly amazing spring semester in Hungary at KJU.

I will never forget my first day in Hungary. I was so excited to come here. My group mate Fatima and I had a long trip to Budapest via Moscow. We tried not to lose every interesting moment there and were so happy. Then we arrived in Szekesfehervar by bus. I should probably say that my four-month-life in  Szekesfehervar will be full of wonders. This small but all-embracing city contains almost everything and a variety of ideas from both Eastern and Western Europe. The perfect location gave me a good understanding about the basic knowledge of the Europe. I was also impressed by the breath-taking natural sceneries and historical buildings. It is interesting fact that  coming from a country where culture, food, lifestyle and language are totally different, I haven’t  found any difficulties in adapting to the native life, because of the welcoming and kind Hungarian people, they all are so positive, they smile all the time and are willing to help anytime not depending on person who needs help.  Also, learning cultures is my favorite thing to do. I enjoy interacting with new people very much. It is quite exciting to meet people from all around the world. You find many interesting things to talk about. My new friends got interested to know more about our culture and traditions. Now I understand how it is amazing to represent your own country and explain many things about it to people who have never been. Also I should say that being an Erasmus student means being flexible and able to deal with fast changes. Being an Erasmus means being independent. Being an Erasmus student also means learning or improving. I feel my time in Hungary will change my view on very different aspects of life, broadening my outlook. I have learned how to handle situations which aren't easy on my own and becoming more mature and independent.

Moreover, I should mention the registration process. Certainly I would definitely say that the administration is so benevolent and welcoming. The first day of the registration week at International Students’ Office was devoted to an introduction with all of the procedures and university itself.  The director of international relations, Ms Éva Horváti gave us full information about the city and about the study process. Even, Ms Éva Horváti tried to help us in many ways like giving directions how to get to the nearest trade centers, shops and gyms. Many procedures like opening bank account, singing up for courses and all so called documentations was not bothering and time- consuming as I have expected before coming. The thing which I pleased with, they have organized all these processes properly, we did not have to wait so long. On the last day of the orientation week we, all international students went for a nostalgia tour of the city by a 1960 Ikarus bus. The tour was interesting and we were asked to take photos of pearls of the royal city Szekesfehervar as much as possible. They divided us into small groups and promised gifts for winners. In spite of cold weather, all group members participated actively and wanted to win the competition.   Furthermore, the International Office organized a party and announced the winners. Unfortunately my group took the second place but no matter what in my opinion the participation is more important. After the party every student left his palm prints on the International students’ wall. It was very joyful and everyone was excited.

To put in a nutshell, I pen down saying that it is wonderful to be an international student in a foreign country like Hungary. And I am pretty confident that I will succeed with my dreams and I will do my best to help other students like me by giving my best advice and suggestions. My Erasmus experience in Szekesfehervar went way beyond my expectations. I will never forget my Erasmus and Szekesfehervar experience, and the whole of Hungary in general will always have a warm place in my heart, and will always bring only good memories to mind. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to everybody I have met, special thanks to the International project-coordinators Ms Vanda Berkó-Parádi and to Mrs Ivanyenko Andrej for their support.












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