Miklós Birta

I was born in 1970. My music started around 1980 when I've got my first guitar.
I had a very good teacher who opened my eyes to good music like Keith Jarrett, John McLaughlin, Bireli Lagréne. I'm was only teenager when I saw these heroes on live concerts. That was a big influences to me. That age ('80s) was when I decided I wanna be musician. (That's funny that 30 years later I was playing with my on project in Lviv Jazzfestival, where was also playing John McLaughlin, and Scott Henderson too) There was two guitarist at the late 80s and early 90s who gave me deep expreinces: Allan Holdsworth, and Scott Henderson. That was my "fusion" age.

In 1992 Jesus Christ called my name, and save my life forever. Since 92, all my life, my family, my music, etc., everything means to serve Jesus. He opened my eye, to understand what LIFE does it means!
 In 1996 Ive got my first diploma on Liszt Ferenc Music Academy like jazz guitar artist, performer and teacher. In 2016 (20 years later) Ive got the Master Degree in the same department.

I'm teaching since 1990. From 2007  to till this time I'm full-time emplyees teacher on Kodolányi János University Collage Jazz Department, jazz guitar teacher.

In 2004 I'm was teaching in Latvia Saulkrasti in a International Jazz Camp.
I use very special tune on my instruments. I don't know anybody all around the world who would use that tune, than I use:  This is the perfect 4th, from D.
That means: D6, G5, C4, F3, Bb2, Eb1
I pulished a music theory e-book on my mother language (english version will come soon) with 189 mp3 and 44 exercises.

I was playing on tour all around europe, and others like Ukraina, and U.S. in New York, and Florida.

In 2009 I have made my own private guitar school, including scholarship students, summer camp, guitar race on the YouTube, etc. online teaching etc. But form 2015 I needed to put standby because of the other works. By the time I will start again.

I released three albums:

Next Generation (1998)
Hey Kids! (2004)
Friends (2012)

I'm a member of Budapest Jazz Orchestra, the most famous hungarian Big Band. This big band has many, many projects with great musicians, like Peter Erskine, Joe Lovano, Ken Peplowski, George Duke, Raul Midon and many others..

Since the beginning of 2015 I have a radio program at Érd FM, wich is a public radio station in the city where i live, call Érd. This program also avaiable on internet. I'm the editor and presenter of it. Every thursday at 7 pm CET. Name of the program is 



Here is a link to this program (hungarian language)


Nowdays I'm still working on my solo project. I have big plans with this. Professional portfolio will come soon.
Just a short homevideo from this program:


I was blessed to play with some wonderful musicians on albums or on gig, or whole tour (or both) . Some of them was my exemplar like the first two:

-Mike Stern             (Pál Vasvári's project)
-Gary Willis            (Péter Szendőfi's project)
-Mike Mainieri       (Nalanda's project)
-Eric Marienthal     (Walk Away's project)
-Bill Evans (sax)     (Walk Away's project)
-Joe Lovano            (Budapest Jazz Orchestra's project)
-Ed Neumeister       (Budapest Jazz Orchestra's project)
-Ken Peplowski      (Budapest Jazz Orchestra's project)
-Mark Nightingale  (Budapest Jazz Orchestra's project)
-Raul Midon           (Budapest Jazz Orchestra's project)
-Jeff Andrews         (Trio project with him, and with Krzysztof Zawadzki)
-Steve Logan          (Walk Away's project)
-Jim Morisson        (Roland Szentpáli's project)
-Paco Sery              (Pál Vasvári's project)
-Jose Bazerra          (Pál Vasvári's project)
-Vinx                      (Silhouette's project)
-Dave Samuels      (Pál Vasvári's project)