Ferenc Muck

In 1982 he graduates from the department of clarinet as well as from the department of Jazz saxophone within Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music.

During his long career of 21 years spent in teaching, he has worked in a great number of institutions like Hang Szín Tér, Bodajk (saxophone), Dr. Lauschmann Gyula Vocational School for Jazz Music (saxophone) in Székesfehérvár and the Bartók Béla Vocational School for Music's jazz department (clarinet).

He performed during many hundred concert together with LGT, Tankcsapda, Hungária among others. He is a regular performer during international jazz festivals as a member of  Pege Aladár's band and gives solo performances during the EBu festivals in Strasbourg, Vienna, Graz, Helsinki and Tallinn. Beginning with 1989 he is a member of Rockszínház and from 1991 he is the regular saxophone player of the RABB band. Starting with 1995 he is the lead member of the Muck orchestra and between 1997 and 2000 he also played for the band called Djabe.


2003 Gramy award

1990-1994 The Best Pop Saxophone Performer of the Year Award

1992 Wins the festival for best single performed by Besenyő Blues Band

1992 MRT award (Best Band: Besenyő Blues Band)

1991 MRT award (Best Jazz Solo)

1990 Emerton Award