About the Department

The Department of Performing Arts takes part annually in various international music programs, thanks to its extended international network. 

Among the biggest events of the past few years was the Alba Regia Feszt in Székesfehérvár, organized by the head of our department, Mr. Gergely Mits, with the participation of world famous artists and bands such as Electro DeLuxe (FRA), Eric Essix (USA), Mo'Blow (DE) along with popular musicians from the Hungarian musical scene.

Due to this personal connection to the event, we provide our students with the opportunity to also perform at the festival. In addition to that, students have the unique opportunity to get an inside look into the life of a performance artist through attending specialized workshops. Such special events were organized during the concerts of Dirty Loops (SE),  Richard Bona (USA), Kim Plainfield (USA), Dominique diPiazza (IT).

Aside from festivals, concerts and workshops, young musicians, regardless of age and performing style, are given the chance to showcase their artistry by taking part in a jazz competition judged by a panel of prestigious international artists: the Grammy-nominated percussion artist, composer and orchestrator John Hollenbeck (New York), who is also the lead drummer of the legendary Bob Brookmeyer big band; Antonia Sanchez (USA) four time Grammy Award winning composer and drummer of the Pet Metheny Group, Hans Glawisching (DE) double bass artist; Gary Willis (USA) base-guitar player and Kyle Gregory trumpet-master and composer, who has been a regular guest at various Hungarian musical events for some time. Besides judging the competition, our international artists also gave lectures to our performing arts students.

Hungary was represented by some famous and very popular local musicians like János Gonda (piano artist-composer and founder of the Jazz Department at the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest), the versatile performance artist and composer Mihály Borbély (saxofone, folk wind instrument artist and university professor) and Dániel Szabó, famous within the jazz community both nationally and internationally, a jazz-piano virtuoso and composer, winner of the 2006 "International Martial Solal Piano Competition" and Artistic Director of the Performing Arts Department at Kodolányi János University.

In addition to that, our academic staff is also active on the international stage like Mr. Péter Szendőfi, jazz-drum performance artist, who is also a visiting arts teacher at the Drummers Collective in New York.