Public Transport in Budapest

Budapesti Közlekedési Központ (BKK) is the largest public transport company in Budapest. It plans and operates public transportation, bus, tram, trolley lines, time schedules and sells tickets and passes.

Passengers must buy tickets or passes to use the transportation services. This can be done at the ticket vending machines (TVM) or at the Customer Service Centres. You can read further on the types and prices here:

The application called BKK FUTÁR enables real-time vehicle tracking to assist passengers. With the help of this application, you can plan your trips easily.

You can find FUTÁR online here:

Download the application from Google Store or the App Store

Public Transport in Hungary

Hungary has a well constructed public transport outside Budapest, too that makes getting from one point of the country to the other quite easy.

You can travel around the country either by bus or train. With your student ID, you can also get a discount on the ticket prices.

Volánbusz Zrt. provides scheduled intercity and long-distance bus transport services at a national level while also providing local bus services in some municipalities.

MÁV Zrt. is the national railway company that operates railway networks for intercity and long-distance passenger transport.

Transfer options from the Airport

After your arrival in Budapest, the first and most important task is getting to the city from Budapest Airport and luckily, there are several options students can choose from.

The cheapest option is to take public transport: BKK operates two different bus routes that connect the city centre with the Airport, bus 100E and bus 200E. Always check the latest updates about the airport transfer either on the website of BKK or the website of the Airport. Also, make sure to exchange currency at the airport as you can buy the tickets only in Hungarian Forints!

Should you wish to take a more comfortable way of travel, you can choose two, slightly more expensive methods:

Hoe to get to the Budapest Campus

Name in Hungarian: Kodolányi János Egyetem
Address: 1139 Budapest, Frangepán u. 50-56.
International Office: ground floor, room 005

Public transport with stops nearby the campus: tram 14, bus 105.

Public transport close to the campus: tram 1, bus 32, bus 120, bus 20E, bus 30, bus 30A, bus 230, metro line M3.

Make sure to check BKK FUTÁR to schedule the best route for yourself.

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