Professional Development - Short Courses

Sommelier Course

Science or art? Who is the sommelier? In our course, students will get a comprehensive picture, among other things of the art of winemaking, historical wine regions, wine recommendations, aspects, purpose, manner and interesting professional issues of wine judging and tasting. In the meantime, you can learn how to talk about wines, recommend them and present them.

Our instructor is Ildikó Káli, sommelier, wine expert, honorary associate professor and Honorary President of the Hungarian Sommelier Association.

Open Kitchen - Top Gastronomy Course

Lovers of culinary arts can venture into exciting culinary experiences. Some of the curiosities from the program: grandmothers' recipes adapted to the 21st century, the secret of making risotto, or rethinking the Christmas menu. Participants make the dishes on the chef's exact instructions. While cooking, everyone can ask questions and share their experiences with the group and learn from the best chef in the country, Balázs Pethő, the chef and owner of Csalogány 26 Restaurant in Budapest. Csalogány 26 has been one of the restaurants recommended by the Michelin Guide for many years. Besides the delicacies of Hungarian cuisine, the chef is an established connoisseur of French cuisine and kitchen technology, too.

Hungarian as a foreign language

The aim of teaching Hungarian as a foreign language is to familiarize our foreign students with the most common phrases of everyday interactions in Hungarian, the Hungarian sounds and the Hungarian words. They will understand the structure of the Hungarian language, encounter the peculiarities of colloquial and slang language, as well as formal and informal language. In fact, this course provides students with a survival kit to help them cope linguistically in everyday life situations in Hungary.

Foreign Language Examination

At our university, we try to adapt the English and German language courses offer to the needs of our students, but we are also happy to welcome all those who are interested, and we even adapt to those who work and only reach it in the late afternoon or evening. These courses make our students suitable for passing any state-recognized language exam, but we pay special attention to those who want to prepare for the KJU accredited language exams at all levels. As these examination systems also allow for a monolingual examination in English and German, they are open to those who do not speak Hungarian, too.

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