Personal Mentoring Program

From enrollment to graduation, our students participate in our personalized mentoring program.  As part of the PIQ&Lead ™ Personal program, our institution provides regular mentoring and counseling services. Academic counseling for students covers the areas of student well-being, personal career development, and academic support. Each mentor works with a small group of students to act as an internal mentor and coach. All incoming students are automatically enrolled in a mentor group so that they can move on to special communities as needed. The mentors develop a trust-based co-creation relationship system with the students and the students regularly document and reflect on their activities, including community and voluntary activation, as part of the mentoring portfolio. The mentor teacher is also a career counselor fostering relationships with stakeholders where you can practice your chosen profession during the internship.

Mentoring program services

  • Support of the academic progress
  • Help in the development of a higher education lifestyle and career planning
  • Personal advice and monitoring of studies
  • Assistance in the development of the student portfolio
  • Orientation and counseling in practical placement and internship
  • Assistance in the selection of a thesis topic
  • Support and mediation to the thesis supervisor
  • Counseling in students' international mobility for study or practical placement purposes
  • Contact with the Erasmus Center and providing accurate information on international opportunities

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