KJU Business Incubation Center - KJUBIC

What is KJUBIC?

KJUBIC provides a collaborative, interdisciplinary environment for students who would like to learn to design and lead innovation processes and are interested in thinking and working creatively. The programs are organized in collaboration with external companies and organizations. By participating, students expand their network and test their skills in practice.

Our mentoring system combines personal meetings and works in the real space as well as in cyberspace with the method of problem solving, teamwork and negotiations. In the real space, we provide personal services such as meeting mentors, personal help, practicing face-to-face presentations and organizing group training. However, because we also want to practice working in cyberspace and entrepreneurial tasks, it is also necessary to adapt to the conditions of the 21st century, most of the methods are applied by creating a virtual socio-economic space.

What makes KJUBIC unique is the framework for all KJUBIC activities: 

The Framework - KJUNIA

This framework is provided by a virtual country called KJUNIA, where each student has a role to play. Thanks to these precisely developed roles, students can master both individual and teamwork in a gamified environment and practice. Read more

The basic rules of the virtual country are based on the laws and rules of the European Union and the member states of the European Economic Area. This guarantees that the knowledge gained during gamification exercises will stand its ground within the real framework.

During the program, students can choose a path according to their discipline, plans, desires, and abilities. This not only allows them to get personalized internships, but also help them to avoid starting a potentially bad business or choosing a wrong career path. In the virtual country, the mentors are constantly generating situations that develop individual and group skills that can be used in real life.

In addition to the gamified practical content, we organize programs and Q&A sessions where students can meet senior officials, diplomats, successful entrepreneurs, marketing, and IT professionals, ask questions, exchange experiences, and thus develop their contact capital.

 Learn more about the activities

  • Self-knowledge training helps students assess their own abilities and opportunities to develop entrepreneurial and creative competencies faster and more effectively.
  • With the help of financial tasks, students practice how to handle money, build a structure that is suitable for controlling the financial movement in the company, planning investments, surviving difficult periods.
  • We help to develop and maintain a creative entrepreneurial attitude and to utilize it. We provide an internship opportunity to organize and lead teamwork, to motivate employees to achieve the right results.
  • In the initial phase of the business, you also must take on the role of social media manager, so we help you make good use of these interfaces. We practice with participants how to communicate effectively with clients, mentors, investors and employees. This is an ability that is critical to entrepreneurial success.
  • Practicing scheduling helps the entrepreneur to think about priorities and see-through daily tasks, to overcome his / her delay more easily, to be able to make decisions without haste.
  • Strategic thinking and operational organization are practiced with the help of planning tasks.
  • Avoiding failures and rebuilding after failures - learning how to get out of the pit and surviving negative situations is paramount.
  • We provide information for the further improvement of entrepreneurial activity, we provide assistance for regular self-education and exchange of experience, i.e. we keep the ambition of entrepreneurs awake so that they always know about everything new. We organize meetings with successful entrepreneurs to transfer experiences.

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