Health Insurance

Having valid health insurance during your stay in Hungary is recommended for several reasons. First and foremost, it's a must for the application of the study visa and residence permit and it is also necessary when applying for an extension. In addition, it is important since otherwise, you will not be able to receive medical care when in need, or high sums must be paid after every treatment.

Students can register for private health insurance, in which case they must read all information regarding the services the company provides, and the conditions to know how they will receive healthcare and treatment if necessary. Below you can find a list of private companies operating in Hungary:

A slightly more expensive and a bit more complicated way is registering for a TAJ-card (social security number). The following rules and regulations must be followed for that: 
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Students from EEA Member States are entitled to medically necessary healthcare with an EU card issued by their foreign insurer. If a student from an EEA Member State does not have an EU card and transfers his or her permanent residence to Hungary, the permanent residence in Hungary established on the basis of a residence permit issued by the National Directorate General of Immigration establishes the obligation to pay health care contributions with which the student will be entitled for TAJ-card.

If the student comes from a third country outside the EEA and has a residence permit, he / she may enter into an agreement with the capital city or county government office acting in the capacity of the health insurance fund competent for his / her place of residence. Under the agreement, a monthly contribution of 30% of the minimum wage is payable if the student is in full-time training. If you continue your studies outside of full-time training, a contribution equal to 50% of the minimum wage will be paid. For the first 24 months following the conclusion of the agreement, the person concerned shall be entitled to emergency benefits. However, if the person pays a 24 + 1 monthly contribution at the same time as concluding the agreement, he will be fully entitled to health care services from the first day of the month following the conclusion of the agreement - excluding transplantation benefits, non-emergency dental benefits, etc.

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