Empty stomach makes you unable to think well, doesn't it?

One very important aspect of a good environment for successful learning is having options for tasty, diverse and quality food. Thankfully, KJU is surrounded by several restaurants, let it be fast food or fine dining, Hungarian or International cuisine, traditional or new wave, you can find almost everything here.

Hungarian goulash, Turkish kebab, Greek gyros? Vietnamese pho, Indian curry, Mexican taco, or some Italian pasta and pizza? All of them are just a few minutes away. Above all, one of Hungary's best Chinese a'la carte restaurants is just around the corner. Last but not least, there are even options close to us if you are on a diet or if you are vegan.

And if you still do not fancy what you see, you can always order food or even bring yours to eat at the university under appropriate conditions.

Do not have time for big lunch? We got your back! KJU has a buffet with many options for some quick bites to get between two classes or even some fresh and warm Hungarian cuisine.

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