BSc in Tourism & Catering

Title of qualification: Economist in Tourism and Catering

Duration of education:

ECTS value: Preparatory course 20 credits+ Bachelor program 180+30 credits

At Kodolányi – one of Hungary’s most prestigious universities with a huge history of tourism education – you can learn from much respected and experienced, professional teachers. With us you can be a part of exciting classes full of experiences while learning about up-to-date and marketable information of the Hungarian and international tourism industry. You’ll get comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge in the most dynamically developing area of tourism development and you can also enjoy the world of gastronomy, active tourism and creative tourism.

Description of the program:

The program’s qualification objectives are equivalent to the European Qualification Framework System 6th level, and Hungarian National Qualification Framework system 6th level.

The aim of the course is the education of economic professionals who are capable of understanding enterprise and business administration processes in general, and capable for internationalization for global business environment.

With taking this course you will be capable of:

Specialized focus area:

Overview of the classes:

The KJU BSc in Tourism and Catering Program’s position:

Interesting facts of the Tourism Department:

Our students said:

“Thanks to the research work I was involved in as well as the professional competitions and student conferences I participated at while studying at KJU, I could continuously improve my academic writing, scientific thinking and reasoning, important skills that contributed to my admission to further studies in the USA.”

Eva Gellert, Tourism & Hospitality graduate



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