BA in International Relations

Title of qualification: International Relations Expert

Duration of education:

ECTS value: Preparatory course 20 credits+ Bachelor program 180 credits

In addition to acquiring practical knowledge, methods and techniques, in small group sessions you can also get familiar with the operation and events of Hungarian and international institutions and scientific workshops. According to the needs of the labour market, our students not only learn but also gain experience with different project tasks and internships. Kodolányi is the only university in Hungary offering specialization on foreign- and security policies.

Description of the program:

The program’s qualification objectives are equivalent to the European Qualification Framework System 6th level, and Hungarian National Qualification Framework system 6th level.

The aim of the course is the education of professionals who are capable of understanding, analyzing the international sphere of politics, polity and policy at the level of system (IGO, INGOs, TNCs, MNCS and international knowledge organizations at global and regional level), states, individuals and groups (movements, parties, and networks).

With taking this course you will be capable of understanding principles and multilevel and regional governance system of the International relations, its trends and nature, challenges and risks.

You will be capable of:

Specialized focus areas:

Overview of the classes:

The KJU BA in International Relations Program’s position:

Interesting facts of the International Relations Department:

Our students said:

"Professionally, I really feel that I got the best possible training at Kodolányi. Personally, I always felt that the institution revolved around me and not the other way around. I am absolutely convinced that without the knowledge and references that my teachers provided me with, I never would have been admitted for Masters Studies at Hebrew University, one of the top 100 institutions of the world.”

Beáta Mondi, International Relations



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