BSc in Business Administration & Management

Title of qualification: Economist in Business Administration and Management

Duration of education:

ECTS value: Preparatory course 20 credits+ Bachelor program 180+30 credits

The speciality of our course lies in our general subjects: management, business communication, finance, accounting and marketing all give theoretical and practical knowledge of economic information technology, marketing communication and the growing field of green economy. Since these areas are dynamically developing there’s a continuous shortage of trained professionals, so you will be able to find a job easily with your qualifications. Our teachers are well-known and acknowledged professionals who are actively working in the economy.

Description of the program:

The program’s qualification objectives are equivalent to the European Qualification Framework System 6th level, and Hungarian National Qualification Framework system 6th level.

The aim of the course is the education of economic professionals who are capable of understanding enterprise and business administration processes in general, and capable for internationalization for global business environment.

With taking this course you will be capable of:

Specialized focus areas:

Overview of the classes:

The KJU BSc in Business Administration and Management Program’s position:

The program is connected to KJU’s strategic aims for entrepreneurship education to develop students for private, non-profit or social entrepreneurship.

Interesting facts of the Business and Management Department:

Our teachers are professionals who are also very active in the working field:

Our students said:

"KJU provided me with tremendous opportunities along the years, both professionally and personally. I was lucky enough to have many teachers who not only influenced my professional formation but, through their personal, human input, molded my outlook on life in general. Throughout my student years I strived to take advantage of every opportunity that came my way and I have to say, that there is no shortage of that at Kodolanyi. So, in hindsight I’d say that I made the best decision when I decided to submit my application to the Business Department at Kodolanyi.”

Dóra Alexandra Takács, senior year student at the Business and Management Department



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