As KJU does not have its own dormitory, students should find accommodation by themselves conform to their needs, preferences and budget.


Since finding your own apartment can be somewhat difficult sometimes – especially if you require documents in order to obtain a visa – KJU  has verified the accommodation provided by and (only for Erasmus+ students)


Degree Students and Erasmus+ Students

Only Erasmus+ Students


Please, note that the accommodation fee will make up the largest percentage of your total monthly budget. The amount you need per month will depend on what type of accommodation you secure. An amount of approximately 50,000-130,000 HUF/months (150-400 EUR) is needed monthly to cover your accommodation costs. A cost-effective alternative is to find a flatmate/roommate to share the accommodation with.

The living costs in Budapest are about another 150-200 EUR/months. This sum includes grocery, food, personal hygiene, local transport, telephone bills and other expenses.

Living costs in Hungary


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