We know that one of the greatest challenges of studying abroad is to ensure safe, well-equipped accommodation for your stay. This is why for the start of your studies KJU only recommends pre-checked accommodation at our contracted partners' facilities.

The moment you feel comfortable enough in Budapest and feel like you know the city, you are free to choose a different accommodation if you wish, but regardless, we make sure you have a place to stay.


Degree Students and Erasmus+ Students

Only Erasmus+ Students

The living costs in Budapest are about another 150-200 EUR/months. This sum includes grocery, food, personal hygiene, local transport, telephone bills and other expenses.

Living costs in Hungary


Oroshaza Campus
5900 Orosháza,
Gyopárosi út 3/f.
Budapest International Campus
1139 Budapest,
Frangepán utca 50-56.
Székesfehérvár Campus
8000 Székesfehérvár,
Fürdő utca 1.
EFOP-3.4.4-16-2017-00001 Calendula Terv