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Kodolányi János University of Applied Sciences
Kodolányi János University of Applied Sciences

Tourism Management




  • wish to gain a deep understanding of tourism as a socio-economic phenomenon
  • enjoy dealing with complex problems and finding solutions
  • want to pursue an international career in the tourism and hospitality industry
  • wish to join our alumni working at all levels and in various fields of tourism throughout Europe



"KJU – similar to life – is about opportunities. I consider myself a lucky person, because here I was given the chance to put the theoretical knowledge into practice by being appointed to manage the KJU’s study-restaurant. To my mind, this is a working model that can give you a lot of practical experience. Besides, I didn’t miss anything from the entertainment and social life offered in a unique atmosphere that has given me inspiration and the feeling of integrity. I am convinced that by choosing KJU, I have taken a good decision."

(Akos Dienes, Tourism&Hospitality major student)


According to the forecasts of UNWTO and WTTC, the global tourism industry is expected to grow and diversify in the following decades. This also increases the need for qualified labour all around the world, especially at managerial level, since strategic planning and development will play a crucial role in destinations’ and companies’ competitiveness in the dynamically changing market.

Tourism in Hungary is not only a key economic activity, but its quality-of-life-enhancing role has also been recognised by the government in the National Tourism Strategy, which reflects the country’s far-sighted approach to tourism development.


Due to Hungary’s central geopolitical and cultural position within Europe, it is the perfect place if you want to understand both Western and Eastern European tourism trends, attitudes and motivations, and you want to gain experiences that prepare you to successfully cope with challenges in multicultural environments.


Health tourism, based on a natural wealth of geothermal springs and a mix of old traditions and modern methods, is particularly developed: Hungary is market leader in Europe in the field of dental tourism, and Budapest is undoubtedly the spa capital of Europe, with an abundant supply of health and wellness spas.

Cultural tourism is also well-developed: for example, the Sziget Festival won the Best European Major Festival award in 2011, and the A38 Ship, a popular live music venue, has been voted as the best bar in the world by Lonely Planet readers.



"Thanks to the research work I was involved in as well as the professional competitions and student conferences I participated at while studying at KJU, I could continuously improve my academic writing , scientific thinking and reasoning, important skills that contributed to my admission to further studies in the USA."

(Eva Gellert, Tourism&Hospitality graduate)


The Tourism Department of KJU has 20 years of experience in teaching and researching the complex aspects of tourism; its professors have worked in various fields in the industry and have travelled extensively.


The MA programme in Tourism Management is designed to develop your skills and knowledge in a fast changing, dynamic global industry through innovative teaching methods, problem-based thinking and international orientation, with special focus on the emerging markets.


You will also have the opportunity to be involved in the Tourism Department’s practical development projects and ongoing research activities, in order to apply your theoretical knowledge in practice and to prepare for a future successful career in a range of areas such as the hospitality sector, destination management, tourist attractions, transportation management or the academia.



  • Length of the programme: 4 semesters
  • Number of required credits: 120 ECTS


  • Foundation courses (economic and social sciences): 30 ECTS
  • Core tourism module: 32 ECTS
  • Differentiated tourism module: 37 ECTS
  • Elective courses: 20 ECTS
  • MA Thesis: 15 ECTS


  • BA/BSc degree (in case of applicants with non-specialist bachelor’s degree in Tourism & Hospitality an extra foundation module is built into the MA curriculum)
  • fluency in English at level B2


  • completed application form
  • hard copy of the BA/BSc degree
  • certificate of B2 level-English language skills
  • copy of passport
  • 2 ID photos
  • Europass CV in English http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/en/documents/curriculum-vitae
  • 1 reference letter from the faculty/institution where the applicant graduated
  • a 1000-word- motivation essay highlighting the reasons for choosing to study tourism management at KJU in Hungary and career prospects and perspectives


"During my studies at KJU I got serious knowledge, excellent atmosphere, and a lot of friends. After graduation, I was employed by Gresham Palace, which at that time was ranked the world's best hotel by Robb Report, and where I was awarded with 'the best employee of the year' title. I also worked as a Chef de Rang in an Irish 5-star-hotel, at Mandarinoriental Hotel-chain in the Bermudas as well as at Ritz-Carlton in the Cayman Islands. Currently I work at Mont Cervin Palace, Zermatt, Switzerland, and from next spring, my second home, Bermuda is awaiting again for me."

(Laszlo Vas, Tourism&Hospitality graduate, alumni)

"As a little child I was dreaming of becoming a hotel manager. At high school I was trained in hospitality therefore I decided to carry on my studies at KJU. Here on the basis of solid professional knowledge I had the opportunity to improve my skills in management, and 2 months after graduation my childhood dream came true: currently I am the manager of a hotel by Lake Balaton."

(Robert Rasko, Tourism&Hospitality graduate)

The information set out in this website was based upon the information available at the time of creating. It is an expression of intent only and should not be taken as a firm offer of undertaking. The University of Applied Sciences reserves the right to make alteration to any information contained within this publication without notice. As details may change you should contact the International Institute (international@kjf.hu) for the latest information.

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