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Useful information for Erasmus/Exchange/International students

How to get around Hungary

Our university does not provide pick-up service, so let us give you some useful information concerning your arrival.


How to get from the airport to the train station or bus station in Budapest?

At the airport you can find the Airport Minibus desk which is very close to the exit door. Here you can buy a ticket for the airport minibus. The bus can take you wherever you want in Budapest!

AIRPORT MINIBUS shuttle service

When travelling from the airport to downtown choose the simplest way: take the Budapest Airport Minibus Shuttle Service!

The 8-11 persons Ford minibuses departs to and from Ferihegy 2 airport to any address in Budapest.

Tickets are available at the Airport Minibus counters on the arrival-levels of the terminals, which are open daily between 05.00 am and 01.00 am. Prices are valid within Budapest.


Single tickets: HUF 2990

Return tickets: HUF 4990

Reservations can be made in person at the ticket counters or 24 hours prior to the departure of the flight by the given phone number.


For more information:

tel.: +36 1 296 8555 (06.00 - 22.00)

fax: + 36 1 296 8993

e-mail: minibusz@bud.hu

Internet: http://www.bud.hu/english/transport/airport_shuttle

These are microbuses, so you have enough space for the bags.

There is also taxi service, but it usually costs a lot more than the airport bus. As you can see above we wrote down the names of the stations in Hungarian to make the whole process easier. We recommend to choose the Southern train station, because most of the trains to Székesfehérvár leave from there.


Online timetable for trains: www.elvira.hu (available in English!)

Traveling by bus to Székesfehérvár is also a good choice, because the central bus station is really close to the airport.


Online timetable of buses: http://www.menetrendek.hu (available in English!)

or http://www.volanbusz.hu

International information by phone: +36 1 219-8086




The information set out in this website was based upon the information available at the time of creating. It is an expression of intent only and should not be taken as a firm offer of undertaking. The University of Applied Sciences reserves the right to make alteration to any information contained within this publication without notice. As details may change you should contact the International Institute (international@kjf.hu) for the latest information.


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