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Kodolányi János EgyetemKodolányi János Egyetem
Kodolányi János University of Applied Sciences
Kodolányi János University of Applied Sciences

About the programme


Procedures for mobility

Partner institutions submit institutional contracts on which they apply for support in the field of student mobility. If the mobility project is approved, the home institution informs the students about the mobility opportunities. Students in turn apply for ERASMUS+ scholarships at their home institution. Home institutions select the students who wish to study at the partner institution in Hungary. When a student is selected, the formalities like visa, residence permit, study programme, learning agreement, accommodation are arranged with the help of institutional ERASMUS+ co-coordinator both in home and host institutions. Studies at the host institutions may last from three to twelve months, but they must last one semester or trimester at a minimum, including the examination period. The ERASMUS+ grant might include support for a study abroad period, the completion of the student's thesis or the support of a study abroad period that includes a practical placement. In the latter case the study period must take at least three months before or after the practical placement. Study periods must be organized in a way that the home institution is able to recognize the studies of the student at the receiving institution.

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