Students with Special Needs


Kodolanyi Janos University believes that every student can go abroad to learn different languages, get to know other cultures and increase his/her knowledge. The Active-Eye project is to set up a team of facilitators for the special needs students (e.g.: dyslexia, dysgraphia, vision impairment, blindness, hearing impairment, etc.) students and/or lecturers are both available to support their daily participating in the life of the university. All these services are free of charge!

We offer our support to those who have:

  • special learning difference
  • cognitive impairment
  • medical condition (e.g. blindness)
  • food allergies

Students with special needs may apply for specific support after they have been selected for an Erasmus mobility period. The Erasmus grant is higher than the normal study or placement grant to offset the specific challenges with which you are faced (such as physical access and the organization and content of teaching).

How to apply:

  • Ask the Erasmus coordinator of your home higher education institution about the application procedure (application deadline, where you can obtain the application form, where to submit your application form etc.).
  • You have to fill in a form describing your special need and additional requirements it entails, as well as a detailed cost estimate of the financial support you will need.
  • Your application shall include a statement delivered by an authorized person or institution attesting the special need and its degree of severity, its impact on the mobility and an estimation of the additional costs for your participation in the mobility program.
  • Applications are made directly to International Office at your higher education institution.
  • Your home higher education institution and National Agency will assess your application and will decide on the additional amount you may receive.
  • If you are entitled to an additional grant, you will have to sign a grant agreement that clarifies your rights and duties.
  • It is important to anticipate all possible needs and apply for the appropriate support before you go abroad, otherwise may not be possible to get them.
  • After your study or placement period you will have to report the precise amount of your additional expenses and provide evidence with invoices. Your grant agreement will contain the specific rules concerning this report.

Our students said:

“As a visually impaired student I have chosen the school mainly because of its good accessibility, it is very easy to reach the campus with public transport. The institution itself is completely barrier-free, for me and for students with other types of disabilities it is an ideal choice. Both the department and the lecturers are very receptive, supportive and empathetic. I can say honestly: I have had only positive experiences with my teachers and the management. I feel really good at Kodolanyi Janos University of Applied Sciences, I like being a student of theirs.”

Zsófi Lengyel

“I was studying andragogy in the Budapest Campus and later on communication and media mass studies also in the Frangepan Building. At the back of the building there is a ramp which is a typical EU standard! Inside I was able to go around barrier-free and use the elevator smoothly – due to the fact that they look after it very much and it can be used only by disabled people. In the lecture halls I could move without any trouble because there are stairs and a ramp (slope) at the sides of the halls. So this means I did not have to be in front of the eyes of the teacher, I had the chance to choose till the last row where I wanted to be during a lecture. The teachers are very open-minded and tolerant. Most of them had always offered me to do an oral exam if writing is difficult to me. During the breaks many of them asked if they can help me out with something…Briefly: I enjoyed my studies here!”

Anita Zana, physically disabled


Barrier free buildings at KJU:

  • Székesfehérvár Campus: C, Library, Student Service
  • Budapest Campus

What the team can offer to help you: collecting lecture notes, reading out, sound-recording (with the lecturer’s permission), support in preparing written assignments, photo-copying, fulfilling administrative tasks within the university and at other authorities, providing access to the buildings of the university, participation at cultural events, club meetings, excursions, other supportive activities required, legal counseling.

What KJU can offer to help you


Special needs

PacMate portable 40-cell Braille display

Vision Impairment and Blindness

Book Scanner Plustek OpticBook 3600

Vision Impairment and Blindness

Topaz Desktop Video Magnifier 17 “LCD monitor

Vision Impairment and Blindness

JAWS for Windows screen reader software 11.0 Professional individual license

Hearing Loss and Deafness

MAGIC 11.0 Professional Screen Magnification software (with speech) individual license

Hearing Loss and Deafness

Vision Impairment and Blindness

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