2023/2024 Fall Semester

Semester Schedule

Planned dates of the semester:

Thematic week:
Kodolányi János University offers thematic week for students every semester. During this week no regular classes are held, however special, on-site and off-site lectures and programs are offered. Participation is obligatory on this week as it is part of the study semester requirements.

The Letter of Invitation will be issued for the period of 01 September 2023 - 31 January 2024

Read about the application procedure and the documents to submit here.

Deadline for submission of application documents: 30 June 2023

Attention! KJU is turning all documentation paper-free, we do not need any original hard copies. The applications can be done online via our Online Application Form while the Learning Agreements can be filled out via the Online Learning Agreement platform. For further information and details please visit your home university's international office.

With any further questions please contact KJU's International Program Coordinators at erasmus@kodolanyi.hu

KJU collected some practical information for Erasmus+ students, you can read about them here.

You can find our course catalogue for the 2023/2024 Fall semester here.

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