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Within the frame of inter-institutional agreements, KJU provides several short study programs for students as well as for professionals applying from the partner universities in the field of tourism and hospitality, management, economics, marketing, communication and journalism, English studies, jazz performance, etc. The programs, based on the newest trends, approaches and attractions, are developed and tailored to the participant’s needs. The participants are offered valuable insight into the topics and can gain a product-oriented mindset through specific products. The methodological aim is to analyze the problems from a professional point of view in real-life situations. The programs integrate excursions and company tours in Hungary and the neighboring European countries.

The trainers involved in teaching within the program are highly qualified professors of KJU, who aside from being prominent personalities of their field, have ample teaching experience coupled with practical knowledge and insight. In addition to that, they are also members of several national and international organizations and actively participate in high-profile professional conferences and write articles for specialized publications.

 Length: from 1 to 3 weeks. Working language: English and Russian

Contact information: Center for International Education and Development,


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