Preparatory Course in English and Basics of Informatics

The Preparatory Course in English and Basics of Informatics (PREP) provides a route to entry onto the BPROF in Computer Science Operational Engineering course. This means that you will be a registered student at Kodolanyi Janos University for the period of the semester and your student status is extended on the condition that you meet the requirements of completion.

The PREP is primarily designed for students who need to improve their English language and/or academic skills to university level fluency and basics computer and online skills. It is obligatory for those applicants whose Mathematics baccalaureate result does not reach 60% or the level of English language proficiency does not reach the CEFR B2 level (IELTS 5.5-6.0 or equivalent).

Course Structure:

Contact lessons / Semester

Preparatory Course


Basic computer and online skills


Application skills


Web editing


Communication Skills in English


English in Use (Grammer and writing)


English in Use (Grammar & Writing): The aim of the course is to develop students’ English language competence. There will be a focus on grammar, reading, speaking and writing skills, as well as a focus on expressing ideas in English with accuracy and clarity in the field of academic language as well.

Communication Skills (Oral): The aim of the course is to raise students’ communication skills to achieve B2 or C1 level of General English Communication through the analysis of public speeches, in-class discussions and different kinds of speaking tasks in following topics: Environment Protection, Globalization, Business, History/Politics, Travel, Social Issues.

Course content: most common sentences of daily interactions, formulation of Hungarian sounds and words, understanding Hungarian language structure, Colloquialisms and slang, Formal vs informal language

The PREP semester study offers an academic environment where:

Students who successfully complete the PREP will earn a place in a  BPROF in Computer Science Operational Engineering course at KJU on the condition they will have attained the pass mark by the end of the PREP semester.

Conditions of successful completion:


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