BA in Jazz Vocal & Instrumental Performances


Credentials Bachelor of Arts in Jazz Vocal & Instrumental Performances
Qualification Jazz Music Performing Artist
Duration of education 6 semesters
ECTS value 180 credits

In our course, you can learn from internationally recognized experts in the Hungarian music scene, who have already proven themselves as teachers and performers on the global stage. We place the same emphasis on developing individual creativity as we do on loving and developing community music. You can study in a creative and collaborative environment and can shape your education to your aspirations. For vocalists, student bands and formations, the department organizes performance opportunities so that future artists can acquire a proper stage routine You can also specialize in pop, rock, ethno and pop culture management.

Did you know?

  • The Kodály method of teaching music was developed in Hungary by composer Zoltán Kodály.
    In 2016, the method was inscribed on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage-list
  • The Island is back in August 2022!
    The Sziget or Island Festival held every year on River Danube in Budapest is ranked among the 5 best festivals in Europe by The Independent. The music and cultural festival is a two-time winner at the European Festivals Awards in the category Best Major European Festival, in 2011 and 2014. 

Explore our sound!

jazz singer“I find it very important that in addition to a high level of music education, I gained a relationship capital that helped me get into the world of music performance. The best part is that we were able to learn in an environment where I could ask for professional advice and get help at any time. These days, if I ever need a good musician for a project, the first thing I do is to start calling my fellow classmates. My teachers were very flexible regarding my studies and learning how to sing. I was allowed to find my own voice, my own style and I was supported in developing it all along; in addition to meeting the requirements, of course. The best thing about KJU was that it never felt like school; it was a matter-of-course creative medium to which I loved to belong, even if I wasn’t the most pedant student."
Barbara SchoblocherBlahalouisiana – lead singer 

Description of the program 


The goals of the program are to train professional performers who may contribute to and spread local and international musical culture. Relying on their practical and theoretical training, using their sophisticated musical finesse, technique and shaping skills graduates can meet artistic challenges in orchestras and choirs as well as chamber ensembles. Graduates are capable of playing an active role in musical institutions. Graduates possess articulate musical skills, appropriate vocal, instrumental and theoretical knowledge to pursue further studies at an MA program.

Domains of study

Core subjects: Theory of Classical Music and Solfege, Foundation Course in Acoustics, Jazz History, Jazz Theory, History of Classical Music, Folk Music, The Kodály-Method in Music Education, Small Band and Improvisation Practice, Contemporary Music Practice, Big-and Small Band Orchestration, Section Rehearsal and Improvisation Practice

One-to-one performance-development of the chosen instrument/jazz singing.

Specialized focus areas: jazz bass guitar; jazz drums; jazz guitar; jazz piano; jazz saxophone; jazz singing; jazz trombone; jazz trumpet

Reasons to get this degree at KJU

World - class educational infrastructure

In the building hosting the department, in addition to the main subject related classrooms (drums, guitar, bass, trombone, trumpet, saxophone, piano, vocals), instrumental rehearsal rooms, an orchestra rehearsal room and a 55 m2 recording studio serve the development of our students.

The opening hours of the department building have been designed so that our students can make the most of our world-class infrastructure.

The department organizes opportunities for solo, and band performances so that prospective artists can acquire a proper stage routine. Our students can specialize in pop, rock, ethno and pop culture management as well as get to know the world of musicals.

Our jazz training is the only one that takes place on our Székesfehérvár university campus, in a beautifully renovated building, which is located 70 kms from Budapest and can be reached quickly and easily.

It is an exclusive major because

All our students are welcome to join the master classes offered by distinguished and world-famous jazz &pop artists such as: Will Kennedy, Gary Willis, John Gunther, Kurya Makoto, Brandon Fields, and Dörnyei Gábor.
Students can study a semester in foreign universities through the Erasmus+ Mobility Program.
After completing the bachelor's degree, our students can carry on post-graduate studies at Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music or other outstanding international Jazz universities.

Our faculty is made up of recognized artists and teachers of international and domestic jazz music life:

  • Mr. Balo Istvan (CV) - jazz drums performer
  • Mr. Miklos Birta (CV) - jazz guitar
  • Ms. Erzsebet Farkas (CV) - soloist singing
  • Mr. Janos Hamori (CV) - jazz trumpet
  • Mr. Janos Nagy (CV) - jazz pianist
  • Mr. Gergely Kolta (CV, SoundCloud) - jazz bass guitar
  • Mr. Ferenc Muck (CV) - jazz saxophone
  • Mr. Peter Szendofi (CV) - jazz drums
  • Ms. Janka Voros (CV) - jazz vocal

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Budapest International Campus
1139 Budapest,
Frangepán utca 50-56.
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