BA in International Relations


Credentials Bachelor of Arts in International Relations
Qualification International Relations Expert
Duration of education 6 semesters
ECTS value 180 credits

Are you interested in the forces that shape our global society? International Relations is a major dealing with today's global problems and potential solutions, and it is suitable for you if you wish to deepen your knowledge and understanding of this multi-disciplinary field. You will gain insights into the organizational risks and opportunities posed by climate change and learn to rewire your business model for long-term value and resilience. Our program will open you up to a better understanding of the interconnected world we live in.

Did you know?

  • 38% of our International Relations graduates start their professional careers at an international company.
  • The KJU series of lectures called 'The International Salon' invite diplomats and executives of international institutions and companies to address the most challenging issues of our times

Key partners

“I am responsible for running several of the Tower of London's stores, including the company's busiest store, but in addition to my daily routine, I organize events and I also train my manager colleagues. I work a lot in a responsible position, so the flexibility of distance learning is essential to me. With the well-organized (online) program, the flexible attitude during the semester and the exam period as well as the affordable tuition fee, KJU was the best choice I could make. But I received much more than that! I got practical and usable knowledge, a compilation of subjects that fully embrace the topic and shed light on contexts and processes, but above all, I got the chance to think freely and express my opinion on different topics. Thank you for the high-quality education!” 
Tímea Bottyán, Tower of London – retail team leader

Description of the program

The program's qualification objectives are equivalent to the European Qualification Framework System 6th level, and the Hungarian National Qualification Framework system 6th level. Read more

The aim of the course is the education of professionals who are capable of understanding, analyzing the international sphere of politics, polity and policy at the level of system (IGO, INGOs, TNCs, MNCS and international knowledge organizations at global and regional level), states, individuals and groups (movements, parties, and networks).

With taking this course you will be capable of understanding principles and multilevel and regional governance system of the International relations, its trends and nature, challenges and risks.

You will be capable of:

  • understanding organization and management of different type of organizations and institutions:
    • External services at the system level: multilateral international rules, polity units and public policy making in main functional areas.
    • Foreign policy service units (foreign policy ministries, departments of functional ministries, external diplomatic services, participating transnational level of external services at the level of states
    • The world of transnational organizations, international movements and networks, their roles in regime formations and global, regional policymaking activities
  • working in internal pubic service, non-profit and business organizations, networks, understanding their management structures, programming, projecting and other network and coalition building activities. You will be capable of fulfilling senior issues, team management and operation activities.
  • intercultural communication and interactions with international individuals, groups, institutions using the tools, approaches and methodology of IR discipline in unilateral, multilateral, hard and soft, public and digital as well as complex diplomacy for understanding and influencing choices and behaviors of the partners.
  • ethical behavior, for intercultural oral and written competencies presenting in new visualized, mediated and virtualized world.
  • continuing your studies at master's level.

Specialized focus areas:

  • Green Economy
  • International Management
  • European Union Studies

Overview of the classes:

  • Generic competencies: Understanding Europe, Globalization & Social Problems, Politics & Comparative Politics, Global Political Theories, Intercultural Communication, Recent Global History, International Economics, Foreign policy and Foreign Office Services in the 21st Century, History of Diplomacy, International Law, Geopolitics & International Security Challenges, The Human Rights & Social Europe.
  • International business service industry studies: Global Environmental Problems and Management, International Economics, European Governance: Recent Developments & Challenges, International Project Management, International Marketing & PR, HRM Services, International Investments & Trade, Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Disciplinary modules in field of IR: European Union Economic Area, Environmental and Alternative Economics, Environmental Policy and Governance, European Governance: Recent Developments & Challenges, Politics and Policies of the EU, Environmental Assessment and Planning, EU Regional Community Diplomacy & External Services, Sustainable Development and International Relations, Hard Diplomacy, Soft Diplomacy.

The KJU BA in International Relations Program's position:

The program is part of the KJU Budapest International Campus program and together with the Hungarian program is sustainably implemented.
The program is connected to KJU's strategic aims for cooperative education including work-based learning (WBL)
The program is connected to KJU's strategic aims for entrepreneurship education: to develop students for private, non-profit or social entrepreneurship.

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