2020. 03. 10.

"+1 Sandwich project" - Help the homeless!

KJU students and staff worked together with the "+1 Sandwich project" in order to help those who are in need. 

2020. 03. 10.

!Important Information!

Important notification to our students

2020. 02. 20.

Digital communication indigenous African heritage and fashion

KJU's lecturer, Dr.Tamara Rátz, and two alumni participated in the “Digital communication indigenous African heritage and fashion” Southern Summer school.

2020. 01. 22.

Hear from Our Alumni – Ferenc Hunka

Our Alumni, Ferenc has shared a few thoughts for us. 

2019. 12. 15.

Tourism students participated on a cooperation day in Marriott

KJU's tourism students presented in the Marriott hotel.

2019. 12. 07.

Christmas jumper & Charity Bake Sale Day

Read about how the Bake sale & Christams Jumper day went in KJU. 

2019. 12. 03.

Hear from Our Alumni – Misi & Szilvi

Molnár Mihály and Lipp Szilvia are graduates from KJU, now they are the owners of E-Travelclub, want know more?

Read about their story below…

2019. 11. 20.

Erasmus Day – 20th November, 2019

Read about the annual Erasmus day in KJU. 

2019. 11. 16.

KJU’s lecturer Sós Péter János participated in an international research, where his colleagues and his article has been published

Recently, Dr. Sós attended the 13th International Days of Statistics and Economics, in Prague. Dr. Sós has published an article with his colleagues from the Ural Federal University, on the topic of: “Social Media as an instrument of promotion of healthy lifestyle among young people: cases of Hungary and Russia”

2019. 11. 12.

The most prestigious Touristic honours award ceremony was held in Budapest

KJU's alumni, Alíz Komoróczki, has received one of the most prestigious awards from the tourism summit. 

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