2021. 10. 20.

Presentation of Dr. habil Henrietta Nagy at the International Week of Brno University of Technology

Our colleague, Dr. habil Henrietta Nagy delivered an online lecture on 19th October 2021, during the International Week organized by the Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Business and Management about the "Regional Inequalities, The Development of Rural Areas in the European Union".

2021. 10. 15.

Virtual Event - “The New Reality with Covid-19”

On 7th October, our Albanian partner university, Metropolitan Tirana University held a virtual event on the topic of “The New Reality with Covid-19”, in which two of our students had the opportunity to present. 

2021. 10. 15.

New Gastro Course at Kodolányi János University!

Led by Balázs Pethő, whose restaurant @csalogany26 is present on the Micheline Guide list, KJU announced a new course called Open Kitchen.

2021. 10. 08.

Internationalisation of Higher Education 2021 Conference

On Tuesday 5 October 2021, Tempus Public Foundation organised a major conference entitled Internationalisation of Higher Education 2021, at which our institution was represented by Dr Márta Folmeg PhD, Deputy Head of the Department of International Interdisciplinary Studies.  

2021. 10. 04.

Cooperation Agreement between KJU and Embassy of the United States of America

We are happy to announce that on 27th September, Kodolányi János University and the US Embassy of Hungary signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

2021. 06. 25.

KJU students have successfully completed their final exams!

This week we had students successfully presenting and defending their final thesis! 

2021. 04. 21.

Scientific Students’ Association Conference (TDK) at KJU

On the last day of the 10th Jubilee International Week, the Scientific Students’ Association Conference (TDK) was held online in English, as an example of the annual Hungarian TDK. Students created a 15-minute presentation where they illustrated their research and interpreted their outcomes. 

2021. 04. 15.

Our pride, KJU’s student: Zsófia Baranyi!

Not only in KJU, but everyone in Hungary is proud of Zsófia, the 19-year-old karate athlete. She has earned the European championship, and her aim is to attend the Tokyo Olympics. 

2021. 02. 08.

Students have completed their degrees and have graduated last week!

Congratulations to all students who have successfully graduated!

2021. 01. 06.

Dr. Peter J. Sos - Ural Federal University (URFU) in Yekaterinburg, Russia

I had the possibility to make 2 times courses at Ural Federal University (URFU) in Yekaterinburg, Russia. The city is the 4th biggest city of Russia: an industrial township with a rich and controversial history.

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