2023. 09. 04.

Kodolányi’s Landslide Success in the XV. Finance Days in Pécs

4 students successfully presented in English in the International Scientific Conference around Sustainability and Resilience in Finance, as part of the XV. Finance Days in Pécs. 

It was a pleasant early summer morning on 6 June when 5 scholars got together in an SUV with a single goal in mind: to participate on the 1st International Finance and Accounting Conference organised by the Faculty of Economics of the University of Pécs on 5–6 June.

Let’s nevertheless wine the clock back with a couple of months. When the study period had long kicked off, it already started to turn out which students were genuinely characterised by a literary vein, thanks to the intensive and versatile in-class activities and home assignments. The International Economics class was a veritable melting pot of different cultures from all around Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, which was an excellent basis for selecting talents. Some students (among others Anastasiia Prymak, Erasmus BA student from «KROK» University were directly interrogated about their intention to join the challenge based on their merits earned so far. At some point, however, the whole class were asked so as to recruit potential candidates, which resulted in 2 more members to the team: Gabriella Tóth (BA in International Relations) and Noble Tochukwu MacAnthony (BSc in Business Administration & Management). In addition, a graduating master’s student, Divin Eyir Ngamba (MSc in Business Development) also joined the team with his dissertation topic, global competitiveness, but with a special focus on financial market development, and a comparative approach between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Hungary.

Anastasiia and Noble agreed upon selecting similar topics, both selecting the scrutiny of international taxation. But the students felt the strength and encouragement in themselves to proceed with independent topics, so they used different approaches for presenting the same issue: Anastasiia walked her audience through the tax morals of selected countries, while Noble chose a comprehensive review of the existing anti-avoidance rules. However, their collaboration during the preparation phase was obvious and handy. There was one additional hardship on Anastasiia’s side: she was forced to modify her application to online presentation due to her early travel back to Ukraine on the day of the conference.  Gabriella has been fascinated by sustainable finance for years. She is a tremendously dedicated young researcher, who regularly visits scientific conferences and fairs, either as a presenter or as part of the highly attentive audience. She must have great plans in her mind, and surely faces a bright future in her career.

Eszter Marczell-Szilágyi former adjunct faculty member of Kodolányi was a great asset to the team for multiple reasons. On the one hand, she co-authored an abstract on the sustainable economic goals of Hungary. (Associate Professor Arnold Tóth (dr. habil.) also co-authored this abstract from Budapest Business School, but unfortunately couldn’t participate this time.) On the other hand, Eszter was endlessly patient towards students with a true maternal love. She’d been listening to the presentations of students during their rehearsal and giving her opinion on them with special care. No wonder Eszter has become the most beloved and recognised teacher of her affiliated university for the third time in a row this year. Bálint Horváth (PhD) former business instructor of Kodolányi and expert of sustainable finance had his invaluable role in the preparation of Gabriella. He spared no effort and passed up no opportunity to give his virtuous opinion on sustainable finance. During the personal meetings between him, Gabriella, and the author, he attested that he’d become a master of his topic during his years of service in the field as circular economy regional policy officer, Senior Sustainability Consultant, and business instructor.

There’s no getting around it: Head of department Szilárd Malatyinszki (dr. habil.) had aided the project from the very beginning. Neither the author, nor the participants can be enough grateful for his support. He has co-authored 4 out of the 6 works. The leadership of the university was also supportive, with the original idea of talent management arising from them. 

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