2023. 07. 06.

Involvement of Hungarian KJU students in the Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Program

Quite recently, Kodolányi János University has provided us with the opportunity of participating in the BIP Erasmus Program on Global Englishes, which was organised at our institution this year. It was a wonderful chance for us students because we could get a taste of what the Erasmus program offers.

Throughout the BIP, we have been fortunate enough to meet with people from all over the world. Following the online part of the program, in May we met with the students from Portugal, Poland, and Bulgaria face-to-face at our university and instantly had exciting conversations with them. In such a multicultural world, we felt grateful to learn about new cultures from friendly people of our age whilst practising the English language as we communicated. Not only had we shared discussions on our various cultures, but we were also involved in projects and group work together. With the Portuguese, Bulgarian, and Polish people, we discovered new aspects of Irish Culture, we looked at the Linguistics of a Latino-American series and we engaged in further courses that were fun and a very enjoyable way of learning together. These courses, besides others, helped us to get out of our comfort zones: giving presentations in front of an international audience was an exciting challenge for all of us.

Last but not least, we decided to take the students from abroad on a sightseeing trip in Budapest. Introducing them to the gems of Budapest such as the Fisherman’s Bastion and the Heroes’ Square was highly enjoyable for all of us. After sharing good chats and moments we felt that a great connection was created on an academic but also on a friendly level. By the end of the week, we had discussed plans for meet-ups in the future, which made us all very excited. 

"Multimedia and Real-life Representations of Global Englishes" Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Program, Spring 2023.

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