2021. 10. 20.

Presentation of Dr. habil Henrietta Nagy at the International Week of Brno University of Technology

Our colleague, Dr. habil Henrietta Nagy delivered an online lecture on 19th October 2021, during the International Week organized by the Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Business and Management about the "Regional Inequalities, The Development of Rural Areas in the European Union".

Dr. Henrietta Nagy received the 1st call for the international week during the summer 2021 from the organizers. Since the Brno University of Technology is not an Erasmus+ partner of KJU yet, she decided to take part in the program, give a presentation about our university and deliver a lecture about regional inequalities. Due to the pandemic, the lectures of the international week are online, but still it is a very valuable week for both students and faculty members.

The two institutions will make steps in the coming weeks to sign institutional agreement to strengthen the cooperation further.

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