2021. 10. 08.

Internationalisation of Higher Education 2021 Conference

On Tuesday 5 October 2021, Tempus Public Foundation organised a major conference entitled Internationalisation of Higher Education 2021, at which our institution was represented by Dr Márta Folmeg PhD, Deputy Head of the Department of International Interdisciplinary Studies.  

The program consisted of plenary presentations in the morning and workshops in the afternoon, where participants could learn about changes and achievements in the field of internationalisation of higher education, especially from the perspective of academics and higher education leaders. The event provided a forum for discussing current issues of internationalisation, reviewing the successes of the Campus Mundi and Stipendium Hungaricum programmes and showcasing the achievements of higher education institutions. The conference provided an excellent opportunity to learn from national and international practices and good examples.

Kodolányi János University is addressing the challenges of internationalisation at a strategic level and its institutional development plan includes internationalisation in conjunction with quality development. In our institution, close cooperation between colleagues ensures that credit recognition runs smoothly, and motivation and support for student mobility is successfully implemented. In addition, we are pleased to see the number of foreign students increasing year by year.

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