2020. 06. 30.

“Work Smart, Work Hard!” -- Roy Bignesh Shashi

Congratulations to our successful graduate (now alumni) student: Roy Bignesh Shashi!

Roy started Master’s in Business Development degree course in 2018. In this interview he is sharing his memories, thoughts and future goals with us.  

 Anna: “Congratulations Roy on your diploma, we are very proud of you! Let’s start the interview, I’ll be asking you a few questions.”

Roy: “Thank you! Sure.”

A: “What was your overall experience at KJU? What were the differences between your first weeks and your last week at school”?

R:” I was very nervous at the beginning then I slowly gained experiences and learnt on my way. The main difference for me was between the education system in Hungary and India. In India, they focus more on the theory and studying from books. On the other hand, at KJU a lot of courses were taught in a practical way where I learnt how to prepare and give a presentation, for example. I must admit, I am still nervous before presenting. However, I do feel much more confidence than before. I believe I am prepared for what the future waits for me, especially with these new skills that I have gained in the past 2 years”.  

A: “Any special moments that you can remember”?

R: “I think I will always remember the time when I had a chance to present about my home country, India to the Erasmus students on the Erasmus Day. It was a great moment when I saw students learning about my country, my culture and I even sang our national anthem to them”.

A: “Any favourite subjects? If yes, why?”

R: “I particularly enjoyed the Marketing classes and the finance part of the Business Development classes. I especially gained useful knowledge on how to make business plans, how to be strategical, what tools are needed in the process, and the financial aspects of the business processes”.

A: “What do you like about Budapest and Hungary the most”?

R: “I love living here in Budapest: from the convenience of the transportation, the weather, the people, the public parks to the beautiful scenery of Lake Balaton and River Danube. Places I recommend to fellow students would be Indigo for the most authentic Indian cuisine, and I enjoy doing exercise in the fitness park in Budaörs”.  

A:” Any plans for now? Where do you see yourself in 5 years”?

R: “My primary focus will be to learn Hungarian; I want to at least know the basics so I will be able to have simple conversations with Hungarians. Achieving this goal of mine will also help me to find a better job. In 5 years, I would see myself working at a corporate company, in the field of Business Development or Marketing and I would like to live in Canada”.

A: “Finally, any advice or tips for current and future students”?

R: “I would advise them to work smart and work hard. Stay motivated every day, think about your family, friends and your loved ones. Keep in mind who you want to be, and what goals you want to achieve. With these in mind, you will be motivated to move forward and to fulfil your dreams”.

A: “Thank you for your time and answers, best wishes for your next adventures!”

R: “Thank you!”

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