2019. 04. 09.

“Never stop asking questions!” – prof. James E. Robertson at KJU

On the 5th of September 2019, we had a great honour to welcome Professor James E. Roberson at our university. An anthropologist, who is teaching students at Kanazawa Seiryo University, Japan.

Professor Roberson delivered a series of lectures on his personal encounters with Japan, his story of how a Californian adolescent decided to study and research about Japan. From California to Jamaica, followed by Hawaii and finally visiting Japan, the country that he was always fascinated about. Only visiting the country, did he discover that what he had imagined and read was distinct from what he saw and experienced.

In the lectures, he focused on educating our students about how (popular) music is linked and intertwined with different aspects of the history of Japan, ethnic minorities, identity and how music can represent and reflect a piece of memory.

Throughout the lectures, students from KJU were enlightened and involved. Especially since Professor Roberson brought in a new topic, which was an eye-opener for numerous students. Thanks to the rapid development of technology and increase of globalisation, there is a growing interest in the Asian, especially Japanese, culture. Students asked Professor Roberson about his opinions on manga and anime. The latter willingly answered the questions and shared personal stories.

Overall, it was an informative, astonishing and delightful day for all participants involved. Professor James E. Roberson gave his personal advice to students in KJU and motivated them to go explore and research different cultures. “Never stop asking questions and go search for the answers!

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