2019. 11. 16.

KJU’s lecturer Sós Péter János participated in an international research, where his colleagues and his article has been published

Recently, Dr. Sós attended the 13th International Days of Statistics and Economics, in Prague. Dr. Sós has published an article with his colleagues from the Ural Federal University, on the topic of: “Social Media as an instrument of promotion of healthy lifestyle among young people: cases of Hungary and Russia”

The article consists of seven parts, fully and thoroughly presenting their research process. In the Abstract and Introduction part, Dr. Sós and his colleagues stated that today the promotion about healthy lifestyle to the younger generation through social media platforms is crucial. Based on their own research and data they would like to know to what extent social media can promote the concept of healthy living, specifically, by using methods of: content analysis and correlation analysis. They have initially identified that using the social media as a platform is a great opportunity to promote the concept of healthy living, on one hand, because it is a mainstream communication tool that not only the young generations are using, but throughout all age groups. On the other hand, social media has already-made tools for communication.

In the following sections the article states how the other research articles have not included topics as such before, in addition, major of them focuses on the problems that might occur on these platforms. In the Results section, Dr. Sós and his colleagues compared the current situation in Hungary and in Russia, ultimately, they summarised five conclusions: 1. Characteristics of the account holders, 2. Central thematic of the account, 3. Content of posts, 4. Availability of advertising content, and 5. Activity of followers.

They have concluded that the purpose of this research was to find out whether using social media to promote the importance of health to the younger generation is potential or not. Conclusively, there is a large opportunity to promote healthy lifestyle on social media to the young adolescents.

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