2019. 11. 20.

Erasmus Day – 20th November, 2019

Read about the annual Erasmus day in KJU. 

This Wednesday, 20th November, the International department of KJU organised the Erasmus day, where a range of activities occurred, including: workshops, presentations, imprint and ultimately, a cultural feast.

All students of KJU (Hungarians and internationals) were welcomed to the presentations ans workshops, held by our Erasmus coordinators and students. Students introduced their own countries, explaining cultures, history and demonstrating through videos and pictures.

The international food stalls was prepared by students who follow the course: “Present Trends of Local (Hungary) and International Gastronomy”. The Students are (in alphabetical order): Anel Khassenova (Kazakhstan), Daria Rogozina (Russia), Nataliia Osypchuk (Ukraine), Metehan Korkmaz (Turkey), Özcan Ramazan (Turkey), and Berkay Buyuk (Turkey).  Of course, Ms. Eva Horvati and Ms. Orsolya Hoffmann also showed a part of traditional Hungarian cuisine through their delicious bread spreads.

We would like to thank everyone again who participated and added colour to this day!



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