2020. 01. 22.

Hear from Our Alumni – Ferenc Hunka

Our Alumni, Ferenc has shared a few thoughts for us. 

Kodolanyi Janos University played an important role in my life and whenever I recall those 4 years, I always smile due to many reasons. I had the chance to lead the student council, organize a lot of events and got to know a lot of people. I still remember my teachers, as I did have great ones.  I really loved some studies, and now and then I wish I could go back in time and join again. After graduating, I started to work as a receptionist and now I am leading one of Budapest’s best hotels. Besides this work, as an active hobby, I founded a revenue management software company, called Peaqplus and we have many other apps coming soon. I can truly say that I am lucky for having chosen Kodolanyi Janos University.

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