2020. 03. 10.

"+1 Sandwich project" - Help the homeless!

KJU students and staff worked together with the "+1 Sandwich project" in order to help those who are in need. 

We are very proud of everyone who participated in the "+1 Sandwich" project, where the sandwiches were handed to the Budapest Bike Maffia. Budapest Bike Maffia is a program where we all join to help the homeless, with their daily life, their job and their food supplements. For the first program, our students, teachers and faculty members donated 100 sandwiches, which were handed to the Budapest Bike Maffia, where the sandwiches were delivered to the ones in need. On the following dates we will repeat this meaningful event, so feel free to join us in this worthwile movement! Dates: 18 March, 1 April and 29 April. Bring any sandwich that you like, and let us stop the hunger! .

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