For Transfer Students

Regulation of Credit Transfer Procedure at Kodolányi János University

To transfer credits from another university, you will be asked to submit a Credit Transfer Request. To initiate it, you should send the following documents via e-mail:

According to the Student Requirement System of the University, at least 50% of the credits of an academic program must be collected at Kodolányi János University in order to get our degree.

Credit Transfer Requests are processed by the Credit Transfer Committee of the University. The length of the procedure is a maximum of 10 days. The procedural fee of Application and Credit Transfer Requests is 150 EUR and it shall be paid by bank transfer.

Bank account details: 

Note: Please add your name and passport number in the payment title. Make sure to cover the bank cost necessary for this transfer. The detail of the charge should be marked as EURO, not shared (SHA) or beneficiary (BEN). The payment that will not fulfill these requirements will not be accepted and the admission process will be put on hold until the transfer of the total amount quoted is made.

Should you have any further questions, please get in contact with us at

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