10th International Week - Online Edition



The promisingly rich program comprises the classes that guest lecturers from our international partner HEIs have offered in English, and the sessions providing an international perspective - delivered either in Hungarian/German or English - initiated at departmental level.  

Depending on our students’ feed-back on participation, two platforms will be used for the delivery of the classes: Microsoft Teams and Zoom in the case of lectures where a higher number of participants is anticipated and/or are to be open to a wider public.  

We encourage our partner HEIs to disseminate the opportunity to join the open classes among their students. 

The links to the open sessions can be found in the timetable. 

You can see the program here.

For KJU active students, please join the classes through your Moodle accounts. 

In the file you will see the colour index, which is the following:

Light gold: guest lecturers' classes
Light green: guest lecturers' open classes
Light blue: lectures offered at KJU department level

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Annamaria Bajusz, international project coordinator at bajusz@kodolanyi.hu

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a major impact on worldwide travels and face-to-face meetings, the KJU Centre for International Education and Services is happy to invite you to participate in the online edition of the 10th International Week - “Academy of International Lecturers – Contemporary Trends in Applied Sciences”

Date: 12 and 16 April 2021

Application Deadline: 14 March 2021

Within the confines of the “Academy of International Lecturers – Contemporary Trends in Applied Sciences” we are pleased to invite the participation of lecturers who are willing to offer a session of 90 minutes in the form of a lecture, seminar, or workshop in any of the disciplines enlisted below and who wish to provide our students with international perspectives using interactive teaching methodology.

The classes held by the guest lecturers are intended to reflect the latest achievements in science and research and aim at providing students with practical knowledge, competencies, and innovative approaches. Due to the multidisciplinary nature of the event, students are free to opt for lectures best suited to their individual interests, skills and/or field of studies.

We welcome exciting topics from the discipline areas of:

Tourism and Hospitality, Business Administration and Management, Marketing, Enterprise Development, International Relations, Informatics, Mass Media and Communication, Linguistics, History, Cultural Management, and Social Sciences.

We strongly believe that the event will contribute to the maintaining and even strengthening collaboration with our partner universities in these difficult times that prevent actual mobility.

Registered participants for the online sessions will receive a Certificate of participation that will be made available online at the end of the event.

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