Our Faculty

Horváth picture

Dr. Bálint Horváth PhD

Assistant Professor
Circular Economy Regional Policy Officer at
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Hungary and Slovakia

Dr. Borka Richter PhD

 Professor, Department of English Studies

 Dr. Csilla Mile PhD

Economist, Associate Professor

 Dr. Gábor Wertheimer PhD

Professor, Department of English Studies

Nagy Henrietta picture

Dr. Henrietta Nagy PhD

 Professor of Department of Business
and Management/ Institute of Sustainable Economics

Gyarmati picture

 Dr. István Gyarmati PhD

Former Ambassador, International Security Specialist

Rikk picture

 Dr. János Rikk PhD   

Associate Professor of Department of Informatics

Kis-József Benedek picture

 Dr. József Kis-Benedek PhD

Professor, Member of the Military History Committee
of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Dr. Krisztina Kodó PhD

Professor, Head of Department of English Studies

Dr. Krisztina Strihó PhD

Associate Professor, Lawyer and Economist


Dr. László Pitlik PhD

 Professor, Head of Department of Informatics,
Data-Mining/Big-Data/Artificial Intelligence Expert

Halász picture

Dr. Levente Halász PhD

Associate Professor, Geographer,
Travel expert and Tour guide

Folmeg Márta picture

Dr. Márta Folmeg PhD

Associate Professor, Deputy Head of Department of
International Interdisciplinary Studies

Dr. Martin Zsarnóczky PhD

Associate Professor, Project Leader Matra Resort Senior
Living and Care Homes


Dr. Orsolya Hoffmann PhD

Professor, Vice Rector for International and Continuing Education
Head of Department of International Interdisciplinary Studies

Kriváchy photo

Dr. Orsolya Kriváchy

Associate Professor, Lawyer, EU specialist

Dr. Pál Koudela PhD


SPJ photo

Dr. Péter János Sós

Associate Professor, Presidential Board Member of
Hungarian PR Association

Dr. Tamara Rátz PhD

Professor, Researcher,
Head of Tourism Department at KJU

Dr. Tamás Régi PhD

Professor, Researcher in Ethnography and Cultural Anthropology

Dr. Zoltán Prantner PhD

Associate Professor

Horváti picture

Éva Horváti

Lecturer, International director,
Intercultural Communication Specialist

Nikoletta Hossó

Founder & CEO - World Protocol Magazine,
Founding Member of World Protocol Organisation

Stewart picture

Stewart Harvey   

Senior Lecturer, CEO & Owner at Greenergizer

Kálmán Zoltán picture

Zoltán Kálmán

Lecturer, Managing Director at LQ Treasury Consulting,
Owner of Jardinette family business restaurant

Wirthné picture

Zsuzsanna Wirthné Móricz

Lecturer, Business Development Consultant


 Dr. Attila János Nagy PhD


Lecturer, Senior Product Expert at OTP Bank



Dr. Balázs Simó PhD 

Associate Professor, EU Fund Management and
International Development Expert

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