Why KJU?

Top reasons to study at KJU:

1. You will be well prepared for your professional career

Within our internationally recognized, award-winning KJU PIQ&Lead ™ pedagogical model, you will receive a theoretically well-founded and consistently practice-oriented, personalized education to be well prepared for your professional career. Read more

Our KJU PIQ&Lead ™ Framework has received global recognition and from the Hungarian Accreditation Committee, the International Quality Innovation Award of the Year 2014.

KJU, a leader in profession, innovation and quality, performs its student-centered teaching activities using a competence-based model. The training content together with a personalized curriculum and an extensive student portfolio are all in the service of the students’ personal development.

The aim of the KJU PIQ&Lead ™ Framework is to prepare for the profession, to develop the students’ research and innovation abilities, i.e., to prepare for quality-oriented work, and to develop management skills (planning, implementation, evaluation).

Students, whether they build their career in the business world, in public institutions or in the civil sector, start a business, or a social enterprise, can only be successful if they have, besides the professional knowledge and skills also leadership, innovation management competences as well as the ability to improve quality.


2 You’ll get a passport to the world

Our international campus provides interactions with students from different backgrounds and helps to improve your multicultural understanding and interpersonal communication skills, which are crucial to your competitiveness. You can enhance your degree with a range of study or work abroad opportunities, enabling you to broaden your horizons, enrich your university experience and gain the edge in the global graduate job market.

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Did you Know?

The KJU International Week is an interdisciplinary module integrated in all majors’ curricula. Learn more!

3. You’ll find a place to belong

At KJU you'll find fellow students from all walks of life who share their energy, creativity, and the desire to follow their passions, a place where professors know you as a person, not a number. Our community will embrace and support you. Explore Student Life!

4. We fuel your career development

KJU is committed to discovering and nurturing your talents all through your academic journey within the frame of the Student Talent Nurturing Program and the KJU Business Incubation Center-KJUBIC.

Did you Know?

KJU graduates have a high employability rate, 90% of graduates will be employed within 6 months of graduation.



5. We are committed to your wellbeing

Our aim is to maximize your university experience and help you to overcome any difficulties you may encounter along the way. Within the PIQ&Lead ™ Framework, KJU promotes the development of your personality within its Personal Mentoring Program. Learn more!

Did you Know?

Our unique “Senior Athlete-Friendly University Program” is a good practice for active competitive athletes to obtain a degree with an individualized curriculum, online learning methodology and mentoring.

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