Why Hungary?

Top 4 reasons to study in Hungary:

1. High Quality Education

Hungarian education combines traditional knowledge with innovative new trends: it integrates Eastern and Western academic traditions into 21st century- student-centered services.
Studying in Hungary means studying in the Heart of Europe for a degree that is key to the global market.

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2. Reach Cultural Heritage

Hungary is one of the oldest European countries in Central Europe. Rich history and culture, beautiful cities and landscape as well as delicious gastronomy, all contribute to the country's popularity as both a tourist and study destination.

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3. Affordable Cost od Living

Hungary offers top-quality education at very affordable costs: tuition fees, as well as the living expenses, are very reasonable in comparison with most EU countries.

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QS Top Universities ranked Budapest as the 4th Best Student City in Europe in the category of affordability in 2022.

The official currency in Hungary is the Hungarian Forint -HUF. You can check the current exchange rate to your own currency here.

4. Exciting Student Life in a Safe Environment

Many international students choose Budapest, one of the most beautiful and vivid capitals of Europe.
It offers a vast variety of cultural activities with limitless opportunities to attend concerts, festivals, museums as well as equally attractive venues around the city.

Did You Know?

For years, Budapest has been qualified among the most livable cities in Europe. 


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