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Kodolanyi Janos University (KJU) is a state-accredited non-profit private university offering undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate study programs and doing applied research in the fields of computer science & engineering, tourism & hospitality, business management, mass media & communication, social sciences, history, performing arts, cultural and language studies. Besides the academic programs KJU also offers a wide range of post-secondary, LLP courses for trainers and trainees as well as international semesters, summer courses, study tours and internship programs.

In Hungary, KJU has pioneered the development of e-based education at all levels conforming to EU standards supported with specialist applied research. All programs capitalize on the professional knowledge of qualified faculty and professional instructors as well as guest lecturers from the industry and international partners.

MissionKJU’s mission is to provide disciplinary and interdisciplinary studies, research, and innovation services related to the new economy, knowledge economy (ICT NBIC technologies) and sustainable development in the fields of management and business services, social sciences, humanities, performing arts and teacher training. The mission of KJU is to function as a pioneering cooperative model in Hungarian higher education.

VisionKJU aims to be a university in Europe that through its disciplinary courses in higher education, prepares students for successful careers with the premium elements of professionalization, and with its interdisciplinary programs for the new professions of the digital, sustainable economy and inclusion in the 21st century. In all its academic programs, enriched with work experience in accordance with international standards and recognized by credit points, KJU intends to be the leading cooperative HEI in Hungary.

"Understand the present, look to the future, and prepare yourself for the opportunities."

Quality is the self-realization of our institution, the connection of the creative forces by understanding the organization and the environment shaping the thinking of managers and employees.

KJU’s commitment to high-quality management has been expressed in several national and international quality awards:

Quality Awards

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