Cooperation between KJU and Sichuan Tourism University, China

On 22nd of November, Kodolányi János University, Hungary and Sichuan Tourism University, China signed a Memorandum of Understanding to promote student and faculty exchange programs.


Presentation of Dr. habil Henrietta Nagy at the International Week of Brno University of Technology

Our colleague, Dr. habil Henrietta Nagy delivered an online lecture on 19th October 2021, during the International Week organized by the Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Business and Management about the "Regional Inequalities, The Development of Rural Areas in the European Union".


Virtual Event - “The New Reality with Covid-19”

On 7th October, our Albanian partner university, Metropolitan Tirana University held a virtual event on the topic of “The New Reality with Covid-19”, in which two of our students had the opportunity to present. 


New Gastro Course at Kodolányi János University!

Led by Balázs Pethő, whose restaurant @csalogany26 is present on the Micheline Guide list, KJU announced a new course called Open Kitchen.


What Students Say

Ferenc Hunka, Tourism and Hotel Management

"KJU played an important role of my life and whenever I recall those 4 years, I always smile due to many reasons. I had the chance to lead the student council, organize a lot of events and got to know a lot of people. I still remember my teachers, as I did have great ones. I really loved some studies, and now and then I wish I could go back in time and join again. After graduating, I started to work as a receptionist and now I am leading one of Budapest’s best hotels. Beside this work, as an active hobby, I founded a revenue management software company, called Peaqplus and we have many other apps coming soon. I can truly say that I am lucky for having chosen Kodolányi János University"

Mihály Molnár and Szilvia Lipp, Hotel Management and Tourism

Our company E-travelclub Ltd. is an independent, small family owned travel & concierge business focusing on high end clients who are looking for special needs and services. The team is us: me, Mihály Molnár owner and my wife, Szilvia Lipp. We both graduated at Kodolányi János University, received our degrees in Hotel Management and Tourism.
KJE was a milestone in both our personal and business lives as up until today we are still in very h3 contact with our former teachers who were we professional and ethusiastic on the subjects we took. I am personally very grateful to the University as it served not only the purpose of my learning development, but I found my wife for a life. Now we have three beautiful kids, whom we can partly call KJE kids.
Thank you Tamara, Gábor, László and many others for taking care of us while we were your students!

Melay Oleksandr, Tourism&Catering

After I defended my thesis, I immediately realized that I could work in the best hotels or tourist companies in Europe and beyond, because ours is a European degree and it is recognized throughout the civilized world. Currently, I work at the franchise Hilton Hotel which is located in the city of Prague. Parallel, I want to get a master's degree here to seek new heights in my career. The university I graduated from puts its stamp on all my life: my like-minded fellow-students and the teachers who showed me the way that I should confidently follow.

Hrytsiuk Oleksii, Business Administration and Management BSc

In January 2019, I took the final exam in Hungary and defended my bachelor's thesis. During our studies, the most favorable conditions were created and we were provided full access to the scientific and international research data base. I was especially impressed by the high quality organization of the thesis defense exam and the opportunity to communicate professionally with foreign researchers and examiners. The knowledge and skills I have acquired are entirely practical in real life, especially in terms of starting your own business.

Jialun Li Tourism&Catering

It’s an amazing experience and Budapest is a really beautiful and historical city. Studying at Kodolányi University is also impressive. At the beginning I needed some time to adapt but now everything goes well. When it comes to my classes it’s interesting because I have some practical work to do like presentations or some teamwork with other students who are from different countries. I get along with them quite well and I learned some interesting things from their cultures. It helps me to broaden my eyes.
Hungarian people are friendly! I made some Hungarian friends and sometimes they help me like showing me how to buy transportation tickets and guiding me around Budapest.
For me Erasmus life is incredible. I love being here and I will have wonderful memories.

Akos Dienes, Tourism&Hospitality

"KJU – similar to life – is about opportunities. I consider myself a lucky person, because here I was given the chance to put the theoretical knowledge into practice by being appointed to manage the KJU’s study-restaurant. To my mind, this is a working model that can give you a lot of practical experience. Besides, I didn’t miss anything from the entertainment and social life offered in a unique atmosphere that has given me inspiration and the feeling of integrity. I am convinced that by choosing KJU, I have taken a good decision."

Eva Gellert, Tourism&Hospitality

"Thanks to the research work I was involved in as well as the professional competitions and student conferences I participated at while studying at KJU, I could continuously improve my academic writing , scientific thinking and reasoning, important skills that contributed to my admission to further studies in the USA."

Eszter Ruszkovszki, Tourism and Hotel Management

KJU: the place I got the knowledge which led me to find my passion in tourism industry. The teachers are not just giving the lessons they make you fall in love with this profession. The best time of my life; beside the cognition, friendships and lots of incredible memories what I got there. I have been working abroad as a representative and I tried myself in a tour operator’s office behind the scenes and I’ve been working at a new tour operator to make sure it put the bricks down in my country. It’s been challenging but after a while I found my way back being a tour guide. Every day is different. I am traveling to new places, meeting new people, giving my knowledge to them in the best way I can… I know it’s a cliché but if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life...that’s the most important thing that this school taught me!

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