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Challenges of higher education methodology - Budapest, June 6-7th, 2013

Felsőoktatás-módszertan és minőség a KJF és az FHNW PH együttműködésében

A projekt a Svájci-Magyar Együttműködési Program társfinanszírozásával valósult meg.
Higher education methodology and quality in cooperation between KJF and FHNW PH

Co-financed by the Swiss Contribution





Challenges of higher education methodology - international conference and conversation of experts


June 6-7th, 2013


The aim of the conference: presenting and discussing theoretical questions of higher education methodology and becoming acquainted with well-tried and innovative practices:


·         Expected competencies of staff members in higher education.

·         Relationship between higher education didactics and adult education.

·         To what extent is the content of BA programmes able to arouse and maintain the interest of multitask-students?

·         General student competencies and their improvement.

·         How can higher education respond to the students' varying circumstances of life and to their expectations? How is it able to do so? How does it want to do so? (heterogenity, focusing on students)

·         Assessment methods that are both effective and student-friendly.

·         Effective application of learning platforms.

·         Best practice in planning, realization, assessment, output-measuring, methods and differentiation.



Language of the conference: German and English (without interpreters), Hungarian (with interpreting)


For further information see:

Please feel invited to the conference and take part in it with a plenary lecture, a workshop contribution or poster presentation alone or with your team.


We are delighted to accept applications in the following topics:



Applications with an abstract of 1000 characters (including spaces) are welcome until April 11th, 2013 in our homepage.  


We publish the conference-lectures, the workshop results and the presentations online in the form of written texts and pictures.


The fee of the conference is 20.000 HUF, including meals during the day and the evening meal of the first day; it does not however include accommodation and travel expenses. 

Participants organize their accommodation and travelling individually.

Lecturers obtain a reduction of 20% of the abovementioned sum.


We are pleased to answer your questions: Prof. Arnold Wyrsch ( and/or Anna Majorosi PhD (

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